The Zthes specifications for thesaurus representation, access and navigation

17th February 2006

What is Zthes?

The Zthes family of specifications facilitate interoperability for applications that deal with thesauri - semantic hierarchies of terms as described in ISO 2788 and ANSI/NISO Z39.19.

Because the Zthes specification work was done largely in the UK, ``Zthes'' is pronounced ``Zed-thezz''. However, ``Zee-thezz'' is an acceptable variant.

What else is on this site?

Apart from the core specifications, this site has:

The Zthes mailing list

There is a low-volume Zthes mailing list, free to join, for discussion of these specifications and their applications. The list is unmoderated, but only members may post to it. You can join at www.indexdata.dk/mailman/listinfo/zthes