What's new

18th May 2006

Thursday 18th May 2006

New version goes live.

Tuesday 2nd May 2006

Major reworking of site, including total redesign (Valid XHTML 1.0 Strict) and significant backwards-compatible enhancements to all specifications. See the various specifications' change-files for details.

Friday 17th December 2004

  • Added a brief section about the Zthes mailing list to the home page.
  • Added a copy of the version 0.4 of the profile, which was inexplicably missing but which the Z39.50 Maintenance Agency hosted a copy of.

Friday 12th December 2003

Thursday 21st November 2002

  • Tweaked the page describing CQL's Zthes Qualifier-Set so that it links to a new, specific page for version 1.0 of the qualifier-set. That allows us to use the more explicit identifier http://zthes.z3950.org/cql/1.0

Friday 15th November 2002

  • Added a page describing the new Zthes Qualifier-Set for the CQL query language. An obvious next step would be to write brief ``SRW profile'' for Zthes, tying the qualifier-set together with the XML DTD for Zthes records.

Sunday 15th September 2002

Thursday 25th July 2002

  • Added a new section listing Zthes thesauri that are available on the internet.

Monday 25th February 2002

Tuesday 6th November 2001

  • Removed [Work in progress] status from version 0.5 of the profile, which is now the official current version.

Tuesday 23rd October 2001

Friday 19th October 2001

  • First public version of this site.