Applications: Tilburg University

23rd October 2001

Thomas Place <T.W.Place@kub.nl> has sent some information on the use of the Zthes profile in Tilburg University (Netherlands):

They have 4 thesauri that conform to the Zthes profile, of which three are available for public use with no access restrictions.

They can be found on the Z39.50 server at z39.50s://dbiref.kub.nl:1800

The databases are:

  • jel (Journal of Economic Literature classification)
  • thatt (the Attent thesaurus of Tilburg University)
  • thbra (the thesaurus of the Brabant database)

The thesauri are used in Tilburg University's iPort system at iport.pica.nl. See for example http://dbiref.kub.nl:4242/iport?request=search_form&db=att&language=eng

There is also a Java applet for navigating thesauri. This ``Concept Navigator'' works in conjunction with the iPort server that accesses Zthes thesauri.