Profile implementations

11th March 2006

The following information is very out of date: it is taken more or less verbatim from Appendix C of version 0.3b of the profile, which dates back to July 1999.

At the time of writing, only one complete impletation each of Zthes Z39.50 client and server are known to exist (but please inform the author of any others!):

  • The server is built on Index Data's free database management system Zebra, which in turn is built on the YAZ toolkit. The Zebra distribution contains the configuration files necessary to run as a Zthes server.
  • The client is built on Index Data's free web-to-Z39.50 gateway, Zap, what also relies on the YAZ toolkit.

There is also an incomplete implementation of a server built on System Simulation's Index+ database management system and the YAZ toolkit, capable of serving terms from the AAT, TGN and MeSH, subject to licensing conditions.

There are undoubtedly many other implementations of both Z39.50 server and client, and of the SRU profile. Please email <mike@zthes.z3950.org> with details if you would like to be listed here.