Changes for Zthes profile, version 0.3b

17th October 2001

Changes between versions 0.2 and 0.3b:

  • Add the ``changes'' section.
  • Note the author's change of affiliation and email address.
  • Add postings sub-record.
  • Change termType representation of Preferred Term from ``NT'' to ``PT'' (to avoid confusion with ``NT'', meaning Narrower Term).
  • Remove the ``TT'' value of termType (which is redundant, since it's always true when there are no ``BT'' relations.)
  • Add multilingual support, in the form of the new ``LE'' value of the relationType element.
  • Add thesAdmin access point, used to find records which are considered suitable starting points for browsing, and to find whole-thesaurus information.
  • Add the relatedTermID access point, used to find all the records related to a specified one in a specified way.
  • Specify the OIDs of objects defined in this profile.
  • Remove sourceDb, createdBy and modifiedBy from tagSet-Zthes: equivalents are being added to tagSet-M and/or tagSet-G; the schema now uses these new generic elements in place of the old tagSet-Zthes ones.
  • Remove createdBy and modifiedBy from the Zthes-1 attribute set: equivalents are being added to the utility and/or cross-domain attribute sets; searching now uses these new generic access points, together with appropriate functional qualifiers, in place of the old Zthes-1 ones.
  • Some utility attribute-set access points have been renumbered and/or renamed: this version of the Zthes profile uses the new numbers and names.
  • Add section 3.7 about Explain (contributed by Denis Lynch).
  • Add the use of Scan to the section on future directions.
  • Remove lightweight support for non-preferred terms, use of the Z39.50 date/time structure and alternative representation of relationType from the section on future directions.
  • Update the reference to the utility attribute set.
  • Update Appendix C to describe current implementations, including URLs to running systems.
  • Add Appendix D to describe current applications.
  • Minor editorial changes and corrections.